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Lucky Fruits to Eat this 2016

It’s the year of the Monkey! Now is the time to be wise and healthy! Start fresh by eating something fresh! Do you know that eating the right kind of fruits not only can help you achieve a healthy body...


The Happy Detox Juice Cleanse by Fruitwishes

Fruitwishes brings “The Happy Detox” to Unleash the Bliss in Detox Cleansing A Detox to Remember MANILA – Fruitwishes will introduce its fresh juice cleanse “The Happy Detox”, A Detox to Remember as we join the Food & Drinks Asia 2015...


Best Solo Travel Plans & Tips

Are you planning for a solo vacation soon? What are your solo travel plans so far? Making solo travel plans before leaving can help you a lot and even prevent you from any circumstances that may happen along the way....